Scam Protection

Buying a love doll online worth thousands of dollars can be a bit scary, a lot of website will show you really beautiful solid dolls for almost the price of an inflatable one !

You have to keep in mind that a solid doll, is hours and hours of work and are for most of them made on demand. A cheap doll, delivered tomorrow is a red flag and might be a scam !

TPE is a mix of plastic and rubber, even it as lower production costs than regular rubber, it’s easy to use cheap product and unsafe products to lower the price even more. As a result dolls will be of really low quality and might hurt you. At last but not least, it’s either a TPE or a Silicone Doll, it’s not Silicone TPE Doll !

At Tinysexdoll we are CatDoll’s factory. It’s really to easy to verify by contacting them if you have any doubts on our Webstore. Selling genuine dolls is for you the safest way to shop online as all their products have passed tests who prove their safety.

We also have a unique website for solid dolls, we will not create a lot of websites to create false shop competition within the same price range.

Thanks to Yotpo review system, all the customer reviews we have are all legit and processed through their system, no more fake reviews !

The order process at Tinysexdoll is like this :

You place order
The Doll is process (7 days to 2 weeks)
We send you a picture of your order before shipping.
When everything is fine your side we ship the doll.
This way, you will know what you will receive and won’t be fooled.

If you still have any question, feel free to contact us !